You Rule.

Rulers is a Tabletop Roleplaying game of Politics and Conquest,
where you govern your own Civilisation.

create a civilisation roleplaying game

Your "character" is a civilisation

Create your own world and populate it with mountains, rivers and peoples. Then create your civilisation, and play as its ruling family over the course of your dynasty.

Everything, from religion to nobles families, are yours to imagine as you wish.

build an empire roleplaying game

Cities and Walls make a Kingdom

Collect resources and taxes to fund the expansion of your settlements.

Stables and Bowyers will give you access to new types of military Troops, while Temples, Coliseums and Universities can add to the culture of the Realm you govern.

expand conquer rulers roleplaying game

The Rise of New Ruler

Through War, Trade or by the Cloth, you will have to expand the territory you control.

As your civilisation grows, and borders meet those of your friends, will you rally together or be forced to use more direct means?

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Rulers is a Tabletop Roleplaying Game for 4-5 Players, with one Narrative Overlord who guides the story of the game.

Each Player creates their own civilisation, and roleplays the actions of the Ruler of their Realm. The N.O. controls everything that the players don’t, and is in charge of making sure everyone has fun!

The game is played via email and can be played as its own game, or as a companion to another Tabletop RPG.

Together you and your friends will create a world, fill it with history, cultures, civilisations, and play through the rise and fall of Empires.


News on Rulers

Climates and Resources

The current playtest for Rulers is on-hold for the foreseeable future sadly. I’m working 2 part-time jobs, looking for full-time...

Worldbuilding and Poetry – The End of Silence

I love seeing players get creative with their characters in Rulers. A character in Rulers is so much more than an...

rulers roleplaying game the crucible

Closed Playtest has Begun: Welcome to “The Crucible”

The monumental coastal cliffs tower over any would-be arrivals from across the sea. The only way to reach this mysterious...

Darek Zabrocki

Preview: Nobles

In the Rulers roleplaying game, Nobles form a critical bond between the Ruler and their subjects. They govern settlements on your behalf,...

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